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2016 Year End Awards

Perfect Attendance

Morning: (6-9) Nickolas Gonifas  (40 & Over) Michelle Scott


(6-9) Justin Hendrix, Braydon Keel, Molly Sporleder

(10-13) Preston Weichel, Lilly Sporleder, Hannah Winters

(14-18) Brianna Hall

(19-39) Andrew Sperl, Nat Even,

(40 & Over) Keith Even, Patti Winters

Morning classes

Halter Mares: 2- Kayla Subia 1-Michelle Scott

Halter Geldings:  2-Micah Goodman 1-Candence Hood

Walk/Trot: 2-Kenley Rudiger 1-David Gonifas

English: 2-Campbell Zink 1-Isla Wilson

5 & Under Judged:  3-Jayla Rudiger 2-Gunner Werning 1-Brody Yoder

6-9 Judged: 2-Janey Dunn 1-Nicholas Gonifas

10-13 Judged: 4- Tagan Subia 3-Emelia Dennison 2-Micah Goodman 1-Campbell Zink

14-18 Judged:  3-Jordynne Miller 2-Isla Wilson 1-Kayla Subia

19-39 Judged: 2-Candence Hood 1-Denise Weber

40 & Over: 4- Graydon Held 3-Carrie Held 2- Tammy Yoder 1-Michelle Scott

Helping Hands: Gary Weber, Bill Winters, Chris Subia, Doug Dennison, Laura Dunn, Bobby Zinc

Top Hands: Cindy Subia, Ryan K.

Spirit Award: Lily Sporleder

Star of Tomorrow: Maggie Livingston.

Scholarship: Andrea Sporleder.

Long Time Members: Gary and Nancy Weber

Family of the year: Trevor Thompson’s family

Parade Riders: Kayla Subia, Kajalina Thompson, Lily Sporleder, Emelia Dennison, Molly Sporleder, Tagan Subia, Troy Sporleder, Trevor Thompson

Afternoon events

 6-9: 4-Braydon Keel 3-Cadee Hale 2-Justin Hendrix 1-Molly Sporleder

10-13: 5-Tagan Subia 4-Allyson Weichel 3-Lily Sporleder 2-Emelia Dennison 1-Preston Weichel

14-18: 5- Micheala Purdy and Yos Thompson 4-Nina Heimbach 3-Kayla Subia 2-Kajalina Thompson 1-Brianna Hall

19-39: 5- Kate Austin 4-Rae Weber 3-Liz Waters 2-Nat Even 1-Andrew Sperl

40 & Over: 4-Keith Thompson  3-Patti Winters 2-Andrea Sporleder 1-Keith Even

True Grit: Braydon Keel

100 Point Club:

107-Denise Weber (31)

112-Micah Goodman (44)

116-Janey Dunn (30)

118-Andrea Sporleder (37)

119-Tagan Subia (69)

125- Nat Even (45)

133-Justin Hendrix (45)

145-Preston Weichel (45)

150-Campbell Zink (62)

156-Nicholas Gonifas (40)

157-Andrew Sperl (45)

167-Keith Even (45)

191-Molly Sporleder (46)

204-Brianna Hall (59)

211-Kayla Subia (80)

221-Michelle Scott (54)

221-Emelia Dennison (84)


Fastest Times in each age group:

6-9 -Molly Sporleder Speed Barrel-5.062 Poles-28.789 Flags-11.338 Barrels-18.488

        Cadee Hale- Keyhole-7.653

10-13- Hannah Winters Ring Spear-19.350

             Emelia Dennison Keyhole-5.852

             Preston Weichel Poles-23.557 Flags-9.648 Barrels-16.112

14-18- Kajalina Thompson Ring Spear-13.490 Flags-10.586

             Michela Purdy Keyhole-5.793      

             Brianna Hall Poles-24.007 Barrels-17.359

19-39- Liz Waters Barrels-17.219

             Andrew Sperl Ring Spear-11.431 Keyhole-5.271 Flags-9.277 Poles-23.067

40 & Over- Andrea Sporleder Keyhole-6.12

                     Keith Even Ring Spear-12.093 Poles-23.077 Flags-9.036 Barrels-16.132

Fastest time in each event:

Speed Barrel- Molly Sporleder- 5.062

Ring Spear-Andrew Sperl-11.431

Keyhole-Andrew Sperl-5.271

Poles-Andrew Sperl-23.067

Flags-Keith Even-9.036

Barrels-Preston Weichel- 16.112

Sportsmanship: Kajalina Thompson.

Kay McElroy Crystal Horse Award: Alysia Winters